maandag 15 november 2010

prepare for the nature walk

Prepare for the Nature Walk

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    Do your homework. If you are walking in an unfamiliar forest research trails and be aware of any danger you could experience. Steep areas, loose rocks, bears and cautions to not walk alone are a few of the dangers that are highlighted by trail managers.

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    Wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the trail you choose. Some trails are easy to maneuver with light tennis shoes while others will require hiking shoes or boots. It is also important to dress for weather conditions. Hypothermia and heat exhaustion are common problems associated with inappropriate clothing choices.

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    Take sunscreen, bug spray and a first aid kit. Even simple nature walks on easy trails need to be approached with due caution and having these items in a small day pack could prevent unnecessary problems.

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    Bring water and a snack. Staying hydrated and energized is critical especially for longer walks.

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    Be a conscientious walker. Pack out trash and stay on the trail. If you are in a national or state park taking anything out of the park like rocks or other nature items could be forbidden so check out trail rules before leaving.

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